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      Welcome in our Bed & Breakfast.

Year after year, we had the opportunity to discover many B & B all around Europe.

We finally decided to take the step and do our utmost to welcome one-night guests or those who want to dive deeper in the heart of our beautiful region. So said so done, we transformed a part of our house accordingly… and La Camarine was born!

Placed on top of Verviers’ heights, in the old Polleur district, La Camarine B & B is centrally located, at the borders of the Ardennes, Hautes Fagnes, Cantons de l’Est and Pays de Herve.

Our B & B is also located close to cities worth being discovered like Spa, Jalhay, Liège, Herve, Malmedy, Remouchamps, Francorchamps, Coo, Stavelot, Eupen, Waimes, … with their thermal baths, caves, grand prix, carnivals, waterfalls, … nothing else than a multitude of cultural and gastronomic discoveries, forest walks and bike tours, local and international famous events.

Those who love nature, hiking or biking will surely enjoy infrastructures such as RAVeL, getting bigger and bigger with the late transformation of the Vennbahn and other dismantled railways, many signalized mountain bike circuits and GR footpath (“grande randonnée”), starting at the B&B.

Of course, it is a real pleasure for us to be at your disposal helping you discovering our region at your own pace, according to your tastes and wishes.

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Av. Cordonnier, 131c
B-4800 Verviers
: + 32 (0)479 84 45 35